Splash Art for Vainglory

The turn around time for these was pretty quick so I used in game assets to help speed the painting process. The splash of the barbarian sabertooth furry Glaive is painted without 3D model assistance. All designs are done by Carlo Arellano except the Glaive Tier 1 splash art which was designed by Justin Murray.

Latest Batch of Lore Illustrations for Vainglory

Vainglory Hero Lore continued

The Cider Trio Poster,
Carlo Arellano, Michelle Hardy and I tag teamed this beast of a not so subtle Star Wars tribute.
Celeste and Vox at the Masker-Rage

 Ardan saving Celeste

 Adagio being Adagio

All characters designed by Carlo Arellano. The idea for the Trio Ardan, Celeste and Vox were first conceived by the great Ciderhelm who, along with Zekent, make our spotlight videos. Props to them and congrats to Cider on a super fun set of characters. 

Vainglory Hero Lore paintings

 Saw & the Leviathan Ship done by Carlo Arellano
 Saw & the Leviathan part 2
Battlemech Prototype 8002 Blueprints

Vainglory- Survivors of Skaarfungandr

I did all the story art and graphic design for this story. The story is written by Sarah Arellano.

Monster Hunter Fan Design

This is not for the game but for a class I took with Carlo Arellano last year. The prompt was to design a creature that would fit in the game. My first pass was the left corner design, but upon considering the view of the player in relation to the monster, I moved the functional bits to be viewed underneath the monster.

Blade in Shadow- The story of Taka of house Kamuha

Summer Project - Monkey King

This is a pitch project that probably won't be released and will remain un-named. However, because we still have the rights to the art work I can show this stuff without mentioning any specific names from the source material.